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Why the color is not bright when the non-woven film bag is printed

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Now many businesses are also using environmentally-friendly non-woven bags in the protection of the environment. In order to be more beautiful, some merchants are using coated non-woven bags, but some coated non-woven bags are not very bright. Why is this? ? ?
 1. Improper temperature
When coating different substrates, the temperature of the electrically heated steel drum must be adjusted according to the covered product. If the adjustment is not appropriate, the film product will not be bright. When laminating, it is sometimes found that there is a large amount of water droplets or steam on the silicon crucible cylinder, which is caused by the paper absorbing a large amount of water. It is also necessary to increase the film temperature.
2, insufficient pressure
The thickness of the substrate material is not the same. When applying the film, adjust the pressure between the silicone roller and the steel roller according to the thickness of the paper. If the pressure is too small, the film of the coated product is not strong, not bright, and easy to wrinkle: the pressure is too large, the film wrinkles and the paper are deformed.
3, the amount of glue
When using a stretched polypropylene film, the film is coated with glue. The amount of glue applied is transferred to the moving film by a rotating steel roller installed in the plastic box. The control of the amount of glue is controlled by a steel blade falling on the steel roller.
4, roller cleaning
After a long period of overpressure, the steel drum is in direct contact with the membrane, and with the effect of temperature, some residue remains on the steel drum. The silicone roller directly contacts the back side of the coated product paper, and the separation of the paper feed distance, a lot of glue is directly pressed onto the rubber cylinder to cause accumulation, which will affect the brightness of the covered product.